Migrating Roundcube from MySQL to PostgreSQL

If You think there’s an easy and fully automated way of migrating a Roundcube installation running for years on MySQL – to a PostgreSQL database – forget it. You will probably have to take a few steps before automation could be applied to this process. In this post I’m trying to describe all steps of a successful migration of Roundcube from o MySQL to a PostgreSQL database.

Setting the default printer in Wine

There’s a CUPS server on the network, sharing multiple printers, and there’s a virtual machine running a Windows application via Wine. The virtual machine is running CUPS too, so all printers of the main CUPS server are available for the mentioned Windows application.

Outdated Joomla websites with JCE used to attack Beneficial Data Processing Corp and Regions Financial Corporation

Seeing requests to //tmp/wegh.php in Apache logs is probably not a good sign. Few days ago I wrote about how important paranoid firewall-output filtering is on a shared hosting server, today I’ll take a closer look on the next Joomla hack found active today. This time the “hacker” tried to attack the IP addresses and belonging to Beneficial Data Processing Corp and Regions Financial Corporation.